The three ladies

The three ladies Gipsy, Vera, Mees
The beginning
Gipsy: her nose and her eye.
I made a begin with the fur and her ear.
I have already made a beginning of the fur of Gipsy.
If all three dogs are ready and fixated, I can continue
with the fur.
Today I have started with Vera's nose and eye.
I made a begin with Vera's fur.
The beginning of all three dogs are now ready.
The fur, ears and eyes, mouths are not finished yet.
It was now to get everything in the right place.
I can now proceed with the three different colored fur,
and of course the ears, eyes and mouths.
The drawing is now  fixated with concentrated fixative.
When the drawing has dry I can further with the fur.
This is the last picture you see. The next time it will be
posted on the blog when the drawing is finished.

soft pastel (different brands) and  Derwent pastel pencil
light gray pastel paper - Daler Rowney
98 lbs - 160 g/m2
16 X 12 inches or 41 x 31 cm